The NEST Team has not only motivated kids and teens but also they have inspired adults like me to join them in their journey to give back to the community. I am so happy to be a proud sponsor for NEST4US in all their community events. Way to go Team NEST!!
-Venkat Ganapathy, President at Savesoft Inc

I have been volunteering with NEST4US since the beginning of summer 2018. I have had a wonderful time volunteering and helping those in need. This organization is like no other as it takes time out of their busy schedule to help those in need by feeding them every week. I love working with them and they have given me great experiences.
-Adhya Ravikumar, Teen Volunteer

CJR Martial Arts is a proud affiliate of NEST4US. Their dedication, commitment, and drive to serve our community is inspiring. They are true leaders and are making a difference.
Christopher Redford, Founder of CJR Martial Arts

The NEST program has encouraged me to help others and to give to others as much as I can. It has encouraged me to volunteer more which has shaped me to think about other people’s needs before my own, which I am thankful for. I love participating in their events because they are so easy and simple yet impact others so much, which is amazing.
- Victoria Rebholz, Teen Volunteer

The NEST organization has given me so many opportunities to volunteer throughout my community (and even across the DMV)! From helping organize holiday events at local elementary schools to volunteering at soup kitchens to feed the homeless, there is always a rewarding experience they help put together. This organization has helped so many and it is always such a fun time at their events. The events allow you to feel as though you are apart of something greater than yourself and inspire an understanding for the greater good. I am so honored to be a part of the NEST organization!
- Claire Miller, Teen Volunteer

I’ve volunteered with NEST a few times and in those few times I’ve experienced what kindness and true selflessness means. In one instance on our way back from D.C after feeding people at a homeless shelter, we encountered a few more who were walking in the streets. In those moments NEST volunteers scrambled to find any water or snack possible for those people. It was refreshing to see. NEST displays little acts of kindness as meaningful and impactful moments for others. That, I love.
-Jessica Shamloo, Teen Volunteer

Through NEST4US events such as NEST Nurtures and food drives, I have grown to be more loving of my surroundings by giving back. Being a part of this organization shows me that small acts of kindness have profound impacts. The compassion and love that NEST4US radiates into the world is precious and eye-opening.
-Yousuf Barekzay, Teen Volunteer

Volunteering with NEST4US has been an enriching experience for my elementary and middle school children. Shaping a philanthropic heart is important and NEST4US provides that platform. The genuine care for the people that are being helped is comforting and encouraging. They are also very organized and pleasant.
-Kemoy LC, Adult Volunteer

I love being able to volunteer with NEST, because it has taught me a lot. Through NEST I have realized that I live in a very privileged environment. In my first volunteer event with NEST I was able to help give out sandwich bags for the homeless and only then did I realize that there were so many homeless people. In addition, my view on the homeless people has also changed a lot, I really thank NEST for all this!!
-Sofia Yang, Teen Volunteer

“NEST is an amazing organization. I believe so strongly in its mission to provide volunteer opportunities for youth to make a better world through kindness. I am honored to be helping out and supporting their dedicated efforts to give back to the community. Wishing team NEST all the best, may its wings spread all over the world and they keep doing incredible work & inspiring others as always!
- Nidhi Khaneja, Founder of ‘Gift of Kindness’.

As we were looking to find a way to start having a positive impact in the community, we had the good fortune to stumble across NEST4US! This amazing organization is doing some amazing things across the DMV; from tutoring, to serving in homeless shelters, they are making a difference that can definitely be felt! We are super excited to continue partnering with the NEST team as they spread love, support and encouragement to all they come in contact with!
-Ben Johnson, Community Coordinator at FaithRXD Loudoun

NEST has changed many of my characteristic and my thinking about my community. I started off by donating food to the shelter and after that I felt this passion to start giving back To my community. The NEST organization gave me the perfect opportunity to express my passion. Rock on And stay strong NEST!
-Ria Rajesh, Youth Volunteer-Maryland Chapter

Volunteering at the homeless shelter through NEST4US was a very humbling experience. It made me realize to appreciate the things we take for granted. I’m glad I could make a positive impact on my community!
-Yousra Barekzay, Teen Volunteer

We have always recognized the struggles for poverty, but how often do we actively participate in giving back? NEST has truly provided me amazing opportunities to make a positive change in our community throughout my 2-year experience. Cooking, preparing, and serving the food first-hand at homeless shelters has really shown me the value of giving back, as I am thankful to be part of the NEST community.
-Ishan Saha, Teen Volunteer

It has been an honor and a privilege to volunteer alongside the young people from NEST. Each of them are exceptional citizens individually and collectively. I look forward to watching them lead their community and this country in their adult years in progress!
-Commissioner Jason Anthony, Washington DC

NEST has grow exponentially since It has started, and it shows no signs of stopping. I should know because I've seen Shreyaa and Esha working really hard, especially behind the scenes to make sure they can help as many people as possible. NEST's extremely positive attitude and determination allows them to achieve any project they put in place to help others. It's not just NEST4US. It’s also NEST4YOU
-Rohan Rajesh, Teen Volunteer- Maryland Chapter

The effort taken by NEST to provide free tutoring service to all the elementary school aged children in the local community is commendable. All the high schoolers involved in this work are very encouraging and patient in sharing their knowledge and helping out the young students with their coursework. I would highly recommend it to any parents who are out there to consider this for their kids and cultivate the interest in learning for their kiddos!
-Nidhi Gandhi, Parent of Tutee

I wanted to express my honor and gratitude in working with team NEST. I volunteer with them at least 3-4 time a month and I’m truly humbled by their dedication and commitment to helping the less fortunate. They are an example to human kindness and are totally selfless. #proudvolunteerfamily
-Shazia Din, Regional Manager at Safeway

Volunteering with NEST has always been a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for me. From feeding the homeless in Georgetown to packing lunches for those who need it, all volunteer opportunities are well organized and truly meant to help better the community. Every time I volunteer with NEST I leave happy knowing that my actions have made someone underprivileged happy. I can’t wait to continue volunteering with NEST and what the organization has in store!
-Alexa Crouch , Teen Volunteer

“Three years ago when the founders of NEST participated in the Step Up Loudoun Youth Competition, I was impressed with their kind hearts, exuberant energy and motivation to do good. Since then, I’ve witnessed their impact in our community multiply. I was blessed to participate in their Sandwich Assembly Project and saw them inspire hundreds of youth to serve homeless friends. It’s an honor to know NEST and I encourage anyone, at any age, to contribute to their service opportunities!”
-Michelle Jones, Program Director at Loudoun Youth, Inc.

Normally the coach is supposed to inspire the player, however in this case it's the other way around. I've had the privilege of coaching Shreyaa for a number of years in travel soccer at Leesburg FC. She has always exemplified what I look for in a player, bringing a positive attitude and a level of enthusiasm and determination to every practice and game. I've been inspired by the team Shreyaa has formed at NEST, they obviously thrive under her leadership. Her enthusiasm and determination is evident in all the amazing programs and activities that NEST4US organizes to help the community and they have helped so many people because of their tireless efforts.
-Coach Jim Casey, Vice President at Leesburg FC

Our experience with NEST has been great. My family and I have packed foods for the homeless and my son tutors kids through NEST. We plan on doing many more programs and helping out in our community. NEST has different programs for every holiday and we enjoy attending each program and making a difference. I definitely recommend NEST if you want to help out in your community!
-Shaloo Arora, Adult Volunteer

I have never met girl like Esha and Shreyaa! Their smiling faces and such polite & loving demeanor wins the heart of anyone who meets them. It takes a giving heart, a kind spirit, and dedicated parents to start an organization like NEST. This nonprofit organization not only helps by providing food to the homeless or creating gift bags for them, they also take their time out to help tutor anyone who needs help. They are my little angels and I know I can always count on them to be by my side for any event we are doing for the homeless! My love and my support will always be with both of you and may you continue to shine bright like the sun!
-Ayesha Khwaja, Owner at Photography By Ayesha